Matteo Salamon art gallery
specialized in Old Master Paintings and Drawings
An Anonymous Leonardesque Painter
St. Jerome
Matteo Salamon at 2023 TEFAF Maastricht
A stand dedicated to Venice
Gothic Glow
From Master of 1310 to Bartolomeo Vivarini
Master of 1310
Madonna and Child, tempera on panel, gold ground, c. 1303
Jacopo del Casentino
The Last Supper; Saint Frances Receives the Stigmata, c. 1320
Niccolo' di Tommaso
Final Judgment, 1360 c.
Giovanni Gaddi
Portable Tryptic, c. 1375
Agnolo Gaddi
Madonna and Child, circa 1373, tempera on panel, gold ground
Cenni di Francesco
Portable Tryptic, c. 1365